Remote translation and interpretation for your congresses and meetings

Lower cost:

  • Save on travel, and equipment shipping and installation.
  • Instant contact anywhere in the world.


  • Save on travel and energy consumption.

Some of our clients
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Written translation

  • Technical texts
  • Operator and instruction manuals
  • Data sheets
  • Scientific and literary texts
  • Newsletters
  • News and features
  • Websites
  • Documentation on stock market and financial transactions
  • Translation and certification of official documents
  • Document apostilling
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Simultaneous interpretation

  • Congresses (two or more languages)
  • Press conferences
  • Business meetings
  • Interviews
  • Visits to plants, etc.
  • Companion/travel interpreting
  • Sign language interpretation
  • Remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI)
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Interpretation equipment rental

  • One or more channels for multiple languages
  • Portable equipment
  • Full booth
  • Table-top booth
  • Screens and projectors
  • Platforms for remote simultaneous interpretation
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Additional services

  • Language lessons
  • Support personnel for events
  • Dubbing and subtitling
  • Consultancy on migratory procedures
Our services include…
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World-class professionals

  •  Translators with professional training and specialization in diverse areas.
  • Mastery of current affairs and knowledge of a broad range of milieus.
  • Originals are translated accurately to faithfully convey meaning and intent.
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Natural, fluent communication

  • Specialized equipment and platforms for remote or face-to-face interpretation among two or more languages.
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  • Confidentiality guaranteed.
  • Extensive experience in large events and projects.

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    I don't want the translation to sound literal.

    To this end, the translators only work in their mother tong as target language. The result is a fluent text that preserves the original meaning and intent.

    Will I get a quality translation?

    Yes. All translations undergo a thorough revision process before they are delivered.

    How do you ensure an online meeting with participants using diverse languages goes smoothly?

    We offer you various remote interpretation platforms that allow participants to choose the language they want to hear.

    I have a small meeting, but it's not in a conference room. We'll be moving around a factory.

    We provide a portable device which will be carried by an interpreter and participants in a meeting, giving you real-time interpretation while you move from one place to another.

    I have a high-level meeting and I require an interpretation service that guarantees it will come off perfectly.

    For conferences and high-level meetings, we employ only the most experienced interpreters. Additionally, our interpretation booths and technical support team ensure the success of your meeting.

    The information we will be handling is confidential. How do you guarantee confidentiality?

    We use technological tools and other processes to guarantee security in the management of information, in addition to other mechanisms such as confidentiality agreements.

    Can InterTraducciones handle large-scale projects?

    Yes. For large-scale projects, we integrate teams of translators, who coordinate to cover the needs of each project.

    Can I hold meetings in more than two languages?

    Of course. Simultaneous interpretation can be performed among several languages, both in face-to-face and online meetings.

    Your message expressed clearly
    in any language